22 July, 2014


A Lady once in a bus ride from Obalende to Yaba made the above generic in nature remark that form the caption of today’s discourse piece, and I bet it’s a remark or an assertion we’ve heard again and several times, and even sometimes used it ourselves to vent a certain compression of anger locked down our throats over some aspect of our lives or the turning out of events in our country, or still a display of the country’s frustration on some of our few fellow citizens. But in as much as we must admit that there’re some frustrations in the country that tend to make people sometimes behaves as if they want to run out of their skins, just as there would always be one or several in every human settlement anywhere in the world, is it enough and okay to make such blanketed statement that covers every one of us?
Yes every one, the whole bunch of us, One Hundred and over sixty millions of us, none exempted, not even attempt to play the hypocritical advocacy of exempting herself, except if she isn’t a Nigerian, meaning she and anyone who uses such remark is equally culpable, and as the ancient admonition has it “Never built a case against yourself”

All Nigerian are not wicked, I can readily close my eyes without resorting to the records and name many selfless, honest, kind and loving Nigerians that I know and believe are not wicked. Am not, Mrs. D is not, neither is Funmi, Nuru, Yatou, Pelumi and lots other friends that I roll with, as well as the majority of Nigeria people. In fact, we reject and refuse such ill motive prejudice informed tag. There’re many of us who have in our day to day, of just living our ordinary people’s lives, consistently live a habit and way of life that qualifies for the legendary Mother Teresa’s heart, and that of all the generous mortals that ever passed through the planet Earth as recorded anywhere.

Because the activities of the majorities that can truly passed and validate a sample size of an hypothesis doesn’t make it to the screaming headlines of negativity and our today’s craving for doom reportage, it’s also absolutely wrong and spite of prejudice, negating the scientific principles of establishing an argument, and civilization to take some negative behaviors of a very minute few individuals and adjudged for the entire of us, an unpardonable sin, and it’s a pity many all over the world have been caught in this web of hate and prejudice, blaming all for the sins of few and has established what is none today all over the world as the Nigerian syndrome. Well; you’re wrong, and I’ll throw it on your face that all Nigerians are not caught in that web which you perceive we should be in your short sighted, bias mind and wap opinion. Just as we’ve got some dubious and extremely negative people in every country all over the world, we also have some of the best beautiful of the “heart” Nigerians that even the beauty of modern civilization would stand in applaud to the extent of our generosity, morals values and positivity.      
But what really could warrant the audacity of a certain group of people labelling and holding such negative opinion of another entire lots, and derogatorily regarding everyone of that reference to the ill preconceived opinion without subjecting them to the sample collection and analysis, which has pass over the age of civilization as the greatest determiner of every preconceived hypothesis and thought?
 I’ll list and present my Nigerians that my perception and dealing with them would automatically grant them A pass into the “ALL NIGERIANS ARE GOOD PEOPLE” perception and opinion, if only you people’ll be objective to play the reverse, which too could be a faulty judgment as the previous, though that is the value that characterize the majority of Nigerians from every tribe that I know and came in contact with. Integrity, honesty, compassion, generosity, caring, empathy, these are the quality of an average Nigerian.  And I know you have yours too, and would want to list them in the living Saints compatriots so that they would know that their activities and what they represent have gain recognition either directly or indirectly by the people they showed act of kindness and their good to.
1.        Professor Akin Aju:    
2.       Pastor Bukola David Olanrewaju.
3.       Sgt. Monday Eliah Manzo.
4.       Mr. Lanre Olusola (The Catalyst)
5.       General Yakubu Gowan
6.       Alhaji Shehu Shagari,
7.       Mr. George Mekulenyi
8.       Pastor Nicholas Ekarica
9.       Governor. Babatunde Raji Fashola
10.   Mama’ Ibrahim.
11.   Mr. Tonye Cole
12.   Daniel Andrew
13.   Nuru Salami
14.   George Dibua
15.   Ife Oluwa Lawal
16.   Mustapher
17.   Sheila Boy and a whole lot which have not been profiled.

Ngwanu your turn:

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