02 July, 2014

Patriotism act of some compatriots in the last few days, weeks, months, and years


Does patriotism pays at all?

UNITY SYMBOL  If we weren't!
Does patriotism still matters or does it really exist?
Patriotism define:
A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, another word that can best describe patriotism in few words is National Loyalty, to see more and have a strong love for one's country of birth.

Am not a super poet, but sometimes I want to go poetic in describing what I think and feel for the country of my birth, yes I mean my yearnings to find the right words to declare my love for my beautiful Nigeria. I know you sometimes feel that way too, don't you!
I am Nigeria and Nigeria is me, Nation don’t make people, people make a nation, many may say I’ll change when the country changed, but it’s the other way round, you can only bring shame or glory to your country, whatever you do to your country, you do to yourself, doing something, positive or negative to put you on global recognition is putting your country up or down, you can never change your country, just as you can never change who your father and mother are, I have no other place of birth and fore-bearer than thee, I owe thee the love and loyalty to preserve and serve thee.
“God bless Nigeria, the land of my birth”

In the last few weeks, months and even years that went by in the history and evens of our mother land, some compatriots whose actions and endevours can past under the magnifying glass of what would past for patriotism that deserve mention and commendation, an objective we in your “Friends of Nija blog spot” represent. And they are as follows, and what they’ve done to deserve mention in this ink of history and posterity that’s flowing in the annals of time in our country.
1.       Ahmed Musa: I have heard or read comments on social media and other forums where some ignorant people would say thing like "Northerners have nothing to offer the country, and should be separated from the rest of us, who thinks we posses the Naija blood more than our fellow country men and women from other parts of the country that we consider are different from us”  This’ a huge lie and flagrant display of ignorance and lack of deep constructive reasoning. Have you thought of resourceful and enterprising northerner that have done so much to make our country proud?

 Alhaji Dangote, Africa’s richest man and the country’s highest employee of labor after government, our own Ahmed Musa and many others.The other night, at a far away country in Brazil in an international football competition, when the Argentine rolled out their arsenals and aimed their smoking guns to gun down, humiliate, and puncture the pride of our only dear country, Nigeria. They’d just released the first shot through the booth of their talis man and world best, (three times world footballer), Lionel Messi, thinking they’ll get away with it only for us to see our own relatively unknown brother, Ahmed Musa from the beautiful northern part of our beautiful country to rise to the occasion to defend the pride of our country for the whole of us. He responded twice to keep intact our country’s pride, and keep us living to fight another day. That to me and many other country men and women, including President Jonathan was the height of patriotism, and we’ll never want to give up our “M”
And it is a devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country:

2.       Late Professor Dora Akunyilli, former minister of information, and Director of NAFDAC: We all know the awareness and fight Mummy Dora awakened in the country for the need for Nigerians to start to support and speak positively about our country. Prior to then, she’d ensured that the evil men, those it seems greed forms part of their DNA, she’d made sure they don’t continually have a free reign and keep killing our people with fake drugs and low quality consumables. Though Aunty Dora passed on rather unfortunately last month, but she’ll be remembered as an amazon who converse and fought to defend, promote and worked to improve her country of birth to make it a safe and happy place for her other fellow citizens. A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, National Loyalty.

3.       Preident Goodluck Jonathan: Though not a fan of the president as it stand due to his continuous making of one decision too many that has continue to portrayed and overshadow him and his administration in bad light, despite some landmark developmental achievements. The decision to cut short his African union summit meeting  to come back home after the recent bombing of a shopping mall in the capital to felicitate with some citizens that were victims is a patriotic and a responsible decision by President Jonathan, plus many other patriotic accomplishment in allowing for a freedom of expression in the country, as people could criticize and oppose the regime and her numerous programmes . A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, National Loyalty.

4.       Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State: For the first time in Nigeria we saw a replica of what could only be witnessed in America and the civilized western world when the governor magnanimously accepted, concede defeat, and congratulate his rival opponent in the State’s just concluded June 21st, governorship election, a complete departure from where the looser would incite his followers and threatened fire and deliver brimstone on the state or the country as witnessed in time past without recourse to patriotism that would put the country first, A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, National Loyalty.

5.       Lanre Olusola, and Wole Olusola: At a time when anyone with little influence have nothing positive to tell their sphere of influence, these two in their own little corner without seeking the limelight and attention have continue to through their initiative programm “Engrave for Change, and many others where they have continue to mentor, coach and point the way to nation building and patriotism, productive orientation to the youth. The two, have continue to believe, work and rally support for the advancement of our country through their prayers, and coaching companies and organisations on the path of productivity and global best practices. They recently put up a therapeutic and integration programme in preparation of the return of our sisters that were abducted in Chibok. A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, National Loyalty.

6.       General Abdusalam Abubakar (Rtd), The ex-leader has continue to remain the only leader from the pack in the forefront of condemning the activities of some of our misinformed brothers that are waging a war against our country and our people without mincing words, or tried to be political in his body language like the others. He has repeatedly call on the political class to put the country first. A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country, National Loyalty.
8.       The Super Eagle: This is the one institution that continue to give us hope that we all Nigerians can rise above board and our difference and put the country first. A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country. National Loyalty.

9.       The Nigerian Army: Though there have been allegations of polarization within the rank and file of the country’s Army, the one institution that has continue to maintain the unity of the country, but the settings of the army is configured so well to reflect the united nations of Nigeria, where every tribe in the country is
              well represented with pride and without giving anyone any sense of discrimination.     
Another definition for patriotism as define by someone I stumbled unto somewhere on line described it as “One who loves his country and zealously supports its authority and interest. And that make our service men and women.  

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