31 July, 2014


The need and the time to collectively joined hands and salvage our country is now, Nigeria is currently in her all time lowly unpalatable rating (moment) in terms of all the indices use in measuring positive value system. People now all over the world associates us and our country with everything negative, and I bet that’s not the legacy we want our children and our unborn generation to come  and inherit.
We are where we are today and experiencing the rot that we’re currently experiencing as a result of the decisions and actions of people that had lived before us, that include your father, mine and all the elders and leaders that we look unto, and if you think they’ve failed us, then you wait until those coming after us or our unborn generation pass their verdict on us that are living in this time. And let me clear you on this: If we think this time is our all time bad and hopeless in terms of morals, attitudes, and our actions and in-actions toward one another and our country, you wait till the law of multiple effect takes it universal mandate and duplicate the consequences of our today’s actions and in-actions, just as that of those that had lived before us, for those coming after us, and those are your children, my children and their children and those that would come after them.

Today we are pr-occupied with providing security for ourselves and our love ones, our children in particular, as it is every parents’ wish and struggling to make sure they secure the future of their children. But the question remains, where is the future, does the future exist in space, is it not going to take place in a certain geographical region? The security we should be weary of should be the insurance against the disaster that our today’s collective actions and in-actions would bring. Come on guys, let’s wise up and remember that we’ve to put the Horse before the cart. If not, some day when the Cookie crumbles, we would all be considered failures and would have failed our children, plunging them into the chaotic misery that is knocking by the corner.
God bless Nigeria. 

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