28 June, 2021

EXPOSED, The Real Identity of Kidnappers in Benue, Taraba and environs


The unabated thriving business of kidnapping in Nigeria

Say No More "They are Fulani Herdsmen", they are TIV People, Say no more!

Over the years, the Tiv people, who are the majority tribe in Benue State has always cried victims of unknown herders, kidnappers and other criminal activities in their domain. We can recalled, the Governor of Benue State, HE, Samuel Otorm on several occasions calling the attention of the country and the entire world to the plight of his people on the incessant attack by criminal elements . Communities in Benue state have come under several attacks from those we have come to know as the Fulani Herdsmen. While allegations of killing by the Fulani Herdsmen was ongoing, there is also cases of kidnappings, cattle rustling, robberies, wanton destruction of properties and other collateral damages always befalling the people of Benue. The whole country and the international community have, as a result come to be sympathetic to the plight of the Governor and his people. We should also remind our readers that it was, this allegation that led to the decamping of the governor from the ruling political party, APC to PDP, accusing the President, PMB of failing to protect him and his people from those we have all come to know as the “Fulani Herdsmen”, our public enemy number one. But just last week, Friday, to be precise, after the abduction of two passengers at Wukari, Taraba State, from a North bound commercial bus, travelling from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to Yola, Adamawa State, that the true identity of the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against the Benue people was revealed.

It is not the Fulani Herdsmen as they have come to make the country and the world to believe that has been attacking, killing, stealing, maiming, kidnapping, and committing all sorts of the reported crimes against the people of Benue State. It is their fellow TIV brothers, from Taraba State that has been their enemies. Not the Fulani Herdsmen. Now Wukari is the first LG in Taraba State, after you say goodbye to Benue. According to a source, a woman was travelling to Yola, from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. And in a very suspicious manner, a checking point with people carrying guns, disguising like the police started searching their vehicles, their luggage, emptying their cloths and contents into a sack, beating them, and bringing everyone out of the bus. After thoroughly rubbing the passengers, they picked two passengers out of the lots, this woman and a young man, and asked them to come and greet their oga.

What started in the morning of Friday for this woman and her co traveler as a journey to Yola, suddenly down on them, the reality that they have been kidnapped, and their luggage, not to be found again. After taking their hostages on an endless trek of over seven hours, which started from around, after ten pm, they got to their base, a very small community in the morning around 9am. “My wife was dead on arrival, as they had to practically be dragging her along the forest, where they trekked for over nine hours. Bruises on her knees, tears on her face, arms and legs swollen”, our source narrated.


15 June, 2021

The Three (3) Electoral Myths that stops you from going out to vote on election days; (Number Three Would Surprise You).

 The truth is that, our votes’ counts. But the criminal politicians would boast at their campaign rallies that they have connections that can sway the INEC, and that the results and outcomes of the elections has already been determined, and that Mr. President who appointed the INEC Boss at his prerogative has already instructed INEC on what to do, bla, bla, bla and more blas. My brothers and sisters, it is a big lie, if that was true, the APC would have won the aforementioned states elections, as party stalwarts go around boasting and insinuating that the power to sway the election lies with the party that controls the INEC and security forces before the elections.....  toney etido 

          Senior Staff writer.

Nigeria is a great country, and as it is with many great countries on the globe, Nigeria has her challenges and concerns too. Most of these challenges and concerns are often time unfounded and imaginative lies that are predicated on ignorance on the path of the people. And as we are aware that when falsehood and lies are allowed to fester unchallenged, they somehow, become a myth that the people live with, and transferred them to many generations, until someone or group of people rise up to challenge them and lay them to rest.

Today in this discuss, I would be doing my utmost best to disabuse the minds of Nigerians, including educated Nigerians on some of the mythological conceptions we hold about our electoral system, the electoral body, Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), our security operatives, and other partners of the Nigerian electoral system which are not all together true that is not allowing us make progress in our democracy.

1.      OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT: The “our votes does not counts” myth is the greatest of all the myths that has kept many Nigerians away from going out to excised their fundamental civic rights of determining who leads us in all tires of our government in all our elections. This myth has disenfranchised many for several years, most especially our inform class since the return to democracy over twenty two years ago. It is this myth that would make many Nigerians who should have all come out en mass to join with other Nigerians of goodwill to dethrone leaders that has not delivered on their mandates and manifestoes. It is this myth that has continues to leave power in the hands of our corrupt and ineffective politicians as against “power belonging to the people”, which is the norm in every democratic setting. The truth is that, our votes’ truly counts. We can take some lessons that can disabused and lay to rest this “conspiratory” myth from the 2019 general election of Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bauchi states gubernatorial election respectively, not forgetting Zamfara, and of recent, the 2020 Edo State gubernatorial election, etc.

The truth is that, our votes’ counts. But the criminal politicians would boast at their campaign rallies that they have connections that can sway the INEC, and that the results and outcomes of the elections has already been determined, and that Mr. President who appointed the INEC Boss at his prerogative has already instructed INEC on what to do, bla, bla, bla and more blas. My brothers and sisters, it is a big lie, if that was true, the APC would have won the aforementioned states elections, as party stalwarts go around boasting and insinuating that the power to sway the election lies with the party that controls the INEC and security forces before the elections. This is where INEC needs be commended, as we know that those pressures and innuendoes from these interest bodies usually lie heavily on them like morning fogs. But because of the international standards that we as a country had pledged our membership to and the needs to conform to them, not forgetting that the international observers are always breathing on INEC’s and the government in power’s neck, they can’t but conform. So as 2023 approaches, lay off such fifteen century myth, go out and register if you had not, get your PVC and get ready to take back your power. For they don’t hold the power, you and your vote do.

2.      FEDERAL MIGHT WOULD PLAY A HUGE ROLE: You see this is another myth, falsehood, and lies from the figment of the imaginations of some politicians that has blinded them and made them arrogant and irresponsible to the electorates who voted them into power, as most of them believed once they joined the party that controls security, INEC and other federal parastatals, including the judiciary that has one thing or the other to do with the electoral process, then, that settles it for them. Well, we are aware of the ruling party, sometimes maneuvering to get some of their members or sympathizers included as INEC commissioners as in the case of the APC and PMB’s government nominating a lady with sharp mouth and quick to abuse anyone who disagree with the APC government and President, the special adviser to President Mohamadu Buhari on social media, Ms. Laureta Onoche as part of the country’s electoral empire, and sometimes posting police commissioners and army chiefs they trust could do their biddings to states they have interests and what have you, but the truth is that, their agenda and machinations don’t always stand. It is a huge lie, as it is not going to be only their people that would constitute the umpire body. And plus the fact that international community and other foreign observers are watching. Any police and Army chiefs, and any umpire would also be mindful to the fact that their hard years of career labour could just go up the flame because of someone’s inordinate ambition of four years of one Politician who would not be able to help you should the bubble boast. The personnels of the federal parastatals know these, that there are eyes scrutinizing them, and if they laid down their guard, they would live to regret.  So let’s lay aside this myth and lies and come out and vote as 2023 approaches.

3.      Another myth is the fear that thugs and cultists loyal to politicians might come with guns and other arms and killed people. This is another lie that is not always true. You think the politicians that these thugs work for and the thugs themselves no dey fear??? Even them, they are mindful of the law, and in this 21st century of technology and social media, they just don’t know who could be looking and capturing. So let’s come out and take our power back from selfish and corrupt politicians. For power belongs to us, not them.

The truth is that nobody owns the electoral process, as long as it a democracy that we are practicing. We all hold the power to determine who is voted into an officer or not. If you, a good person don’t come out to vote, holding the above mentioned mindsets, the truth is that the criminal and manipulative politicians would bring their few evil people that has no regard of sanity and sense of right, and give them one one thousand naira to vote for them, and at the end of it, the few bad people among us would determined the fate of the majority of us that are law abiding, not bad people, that truly want to see Nigeria go in the right path. I am going now to register, so that we can take back power come 2023. What about you???        

10 June, 2021

Akpabio’s Gbaramatu Gamble That Saves PMB Yet Again.

 Politics and the Nation.

Just like fans and spectators, including studio analysts castigates and call for the exclusion of a certain player in a team, but the Coach keep faith with that player for whatever benefits he (Coach) knows the player is bringing to the team, so also is this man in the APC and in PMB’s government.

Toney Etido---Senior Staff Writer

If anyone cannot see what Akpabio has done to safe this government and country from total collapse in the last two weeks, then let us as crises managers inform you that, Akpabio just pulled yet another great save that yet again, saves PMB and the APC government... FriendsOfNaija 

Politics, like the game of football is a very interesting and surprising vocation. Most times, you don’t have to be the best of players, but the strategy adopted by your team and the role allocated to you can make you very relevant in wining against the very bests. In a nutshell, politics, like football, the team you play with, and the players in your team makes the lots whole of the difference in saving the head coach’s head. The Honourable Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator (Dr) Godswil Obot Akpabio as a member of the APC political party has pulled two very important saves that have saved President Mohammadu Buhari’s (PMB) political career, and keep the APC’s government in the game. Just imagine if Akpabio did not do these two things!

Akpabio’s efforts have bought more time for the President and the APC government to figure out how to checkmate their opponents and the mirage of challenges facing our country. Hate him, or love him, he is a member of a team, and he must help his team to win. Senator (Dr) Goswil Obot Akpabio by his antecedence is a man, whose name rings bell in the Nigerian political scene. When the news of his decamping from his former political party, the party where he was a huge factor was announced, many felt he had nothing to offer PMB and the APC, who were at that time grabbling for any saving last straw to survive, after a near disastrous first term. With prominent party stalwarts crossed-carpeting back to the PDP in drowns, and pundits predicting that it was going to be just a matter of time before the APC broom scatter completely, their house come crumbling on PMB, and his government coming to an abrupt end, something huge and awe needed to be done, and quick. Then in the twinkle of an eye, when everyone least expected it, WAM! Akpabio decamped to the APC. And either you accept it or not, that singular decamping was the one breathe of hope that resuscitated PMB’s re-election bid, and stabilized the country at that material time.

Then PMB and the APC managers, like a football coach and his coaching staff that understands from which angle their victory emanated from, offered him (Akpabio) a contract, and brought him into the Executive Council as a full player, having delivered in his trial. The former governor, whose giant strides and foot-prints in governance has not been matched by any single individual yet in the country was appointed the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, an appointment, his enemies and critics felt he didn’t deserved, having just come into the party. But PMB, like the wise coach of a team, who knows the kind of players that can deliver on his governance and country’s stabilization objective, nonetheless, retained him.

If anyone cannot see what Akpabio has done to safe this government and country from total collapsing in the last two weeks, then let us as crises managers inform you that, Akpabio just pulled yet another great save that yet again, saves PMB and the APC government in his recent negotiation with the Niger Delta Militants, who had threatened resuming bombing of oil pipe lines and other facilities of the petroleum industry. And this is what we should be talking about now, not some old house wives story. Whether he adhered to the law or not, is immaterial right now. If that threat was allowed to happened in the face of IPOB threat in the South East, banditry in the North West and North Central, and the perennial insurgency threat in the North East of the country, tell it to the marines that Nigeria and PMB would have still retain the little hope of a continuous country today!. Don’t forget that oil is the life line and the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy, in the midst of all these threats to only one government, a collapse of our economy would have signified the helplessness and hopelessness of the continuous existence of Nigeria in the midst of diverse threats from several fronts. This Niger Delta militants threat is one threat Nigeria don’t need and should make it a priority if we still want to have this great country.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria              


15 January, 2021

Armed Forces Remembrance Day, See What Former Senate President Once Told Late Gaddafi that got people talking


the labelling of the late Libyan strongman and dictator, Mamou Ghadafi “a madman” by the then Senate President, Senator. David Bonaventure Mark, when the later suggested that the country be divided along Islam and Christian lines respectively, 

It is the postulation of the legendary iconic reggae super star, Hon. Robert Nesta Marley  in one of his numerous hit tracks, “Good friends we had, oh good friends we lost along the way. In this great future, you can’t forget your past”, we have lot of good meaning people whose best shouldn’t be forgotten from every tribe that makes the commonwealth of our beautiful country.

I also believe it was this same line of thinking by the reggae prophet that warranted the labelling of the late Libyan strongman and dictator, Mamou Gaddafi “a madman” by the then Senate President, Senator. David Bonaventure Mark, when the later suggested that the country be divided along Islam and Christian lines respectively, a suggestion the Senate President considered dumb and could come from only but a madman or an ignorant person who does not understand us as the resolutely interwoven Nigerians that we are.  It was easy and understandably for the Senate President, a veteran himself, whom along with many other Nigerians from across the tribes and regions of the country, along with their families, who fought side by side and sacrificed so much to established the camaraderie that exists today and would continue to exists between the various country men and women that had shared in this great experience of love, unity, brotherliness, and above all, worship to our creator by always watching over each other’s back as our brothers keepers and as true Nigerians, irrespective of any differences. We know better than to subscribe to anything otherwise. We also know better, what needs be done by us and for us all to sustain this wish of the creator of the universe and of us all.

As the first black President of the United States of America, President, Barrack Obama, described his family thanksgiving’s gets together in one of his books, ‘A Mini United Nations Assembly’, so also it is with a typical Nigerian military barracks, the ‘United Nations of Nigeria Assembly’ we would unmistakably say. That’s what we have in anywhere call a barracks or some metropolitan cities in Nigeria which am sure no one would want to give such diversity up if anyone ever shared in that experience which always left one never the same again in terms of co-existing orientation, and commitment to national unity and patriotism to the country they don’t have another. And this fabric, which is the Nigerian Arm Force, is by all sincerity without sentiment the only fabric holding us together as a people now, and the earlier we realised and recognised her as such, the better for our mental and liberty health.

----- Excerpt from the prologue of the Novel, "The Haram in the Boko; The Story of Terror and the Nigerian Army"

04 January, 2021

And the People of Abama Got Their Palliative From Their Friends, The Exceeding Love Mission, Commonwealth of the Dominica

Community Watch

The word “Palliative”, like “subsidy” became popular in Nigeria and world’s lexicon in 2020 after the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic. In as the word became popular, so also are the people and organizations that initiates the idea and decision of handing over the palliatives to the needy as their social responsibility. While it is very important that those in advantage and well to do position extend love and share with those in disadvantage position, it also become very necessary for security sake, that origins of palliatives are traced, tracked, known and certify that they are not coming from mischievous people with ulterior motive.

Recently in far away Abama community in Obot Akara Local government area, Akwa Ibom State, South-south Nigeria, Mr. Monday Tom Udoh, an optician by profession handed out food items palliative to his people, the people of Abama. Speaking to your IKPNews crew in his country home, Mr. Tom said he became encumbered with the plight of his people during the recently locked down and reached out to some group of people in far away Common Wealth of Domica from where the palliative came.

Admonishing the lucky recipients, Mr. Tom, who is popularly referred to as Engineer, told them to make do with the little they received and to remain hopeful that more would come from his friends, the NGO mission from the Common Wealth of Dominica, call Exceeding Love Mission. Speaking on behalf of the people of Abama, the village head, Chief Idoreyen Ekanem Udoma thanked the Exceeding Love Mission and Mr. Tom, whom he described as a brother who love his home and people. The Chief called on those that are well to do to always look down with compassion and love to the down trodden.

14 December, 2020

Message to the Fighting Troops from the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff (COAS)


The Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, (COAS), Lt. General Yusuf Tukur Buratai, has send a message of solidarity and assurance to the fighting troops of the Nigerian security force (NSF) fighting Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists group in the North East not to be demoralized by the alleged accusation of crimes against humanity and war crime leveled against her by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and a call for investigations of atrocities by Nigerian forces by the local branch of the Amnesty International (AI).

Making the admonitions of the COAS to the fighting troops of the Nigerian Security Force (NSF) to the public via a press released signed by Brigadier General Musa Sagir, Army Acting spoke man over the weekend, Gen. Buratai  who is currently in isolation after the COVID-19 incident that brought to an halt unceremoniously the 2020 annual Chief of Army Staff conference, advised the troops not to be demoralised .” There is no doubt such statement and instigation can distract the Nigerian Army troops with its demoralising effects.  It could have negative consequences on troops’ morale, interest in military service by Nigerians and severe setback to all our internal security operations in the country. However, being gallants and patriotic troops, you must not allow yourself to worry or demoralized by these moves. You must ignore every forms of distractions and carry on with your patriotic duty of serving your father’s land”, The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General TY Buratai, enjoins Nigerian Army troops.

It would be recalled that last Friday 12, December, 2020, the Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a press released, alleged that she has found a reasonable basis to believe that members of the Nigeria security force (NSF) have committed acts constituting crimes against humanity and war crimes. This was immediately followed by a release by the local branch of Amnesty International (AI) in Nigeria demanding full investigations.  


The COAS who is currently in self-isolation as part of precaution against the COVID-19, would soon be joining our gallant troops in the North East at the end of the mandatory isolation period to continue giving the desired leadership and support to the gallant and patriotic troops of the Nigerian Army. He said we must fight on to secure our country and people. He further enjoined troops to ignore the wicked, unnecessary distractions and direct troops to fully concentrate on the final defeat of Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists group which is in sight. He also charges the troops to work hard and be guided by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Rules of Engagement, the Code of Conduct and the Standing Operating Procedures for all Nigerian Army Operations. The COAS wishes to assure and reiterate that the Nigerian Army is not only protecting human rights but also sustaining human rights nationally and globally. Our professional conduct over the years and most recently during the #ENDSARS protest at Lekki Village near Lagos are clear testimonies to the Nigerian Army's posture on promoting sustainable human rights policy. The Nigerian Army wishes to advise  local or international organisations not to allow themselves be used to destabilize or destroy the troops' morale by the sponsors of mischief in Nigeria.

08 December, 2020

Opinion! Reasons President Mohammadu Buhari won’t sack Buratai


Without sentiments arising from political or whatever affiliations, but speaking the truth as its concerns our Nigerian Army, any objective person with eyes that sees and enough emotional intelligence to unbiased compare and contrast between BEFORE and since the leadership of the current Chief of Army Staff (COAS). Lt. Gen. Yusuf Tukur Buratai, assumed the helmsman of our country’s army, would agree with the fact that there is a massive improvement in the army in every aspect. Interval oversea and local training for personnel, massive infrastructural restructuring across military formations across the country, excellent welfare package for personnel, intensify military-civil relationship and all, including the general outlook, behavior of personnel in compliance and obedience to civil authority, and of course the general motivation and improvement of the force is the one characteristic that is being witness under this current Army which. These I believe in my own opinion are the reasons Baba is not just about patting ways yet with LT. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai. Not just yet.

You just need to pay a visit to army formations or pay attention to the physical outlook and moral of the personnel across the country, and you would see these obvious improvements. Recently, your innovative news platform, IKPNEWS was among selected and accredited platform in the country by the Directorate of Army Public Relations (DAPR) to witness the annual Chief of Army Staff Conference and commissioning of projects, held in Giri, Abuja, the female core head quarter of the force. Joining in accessing and evaluating the efforts and achievements of the Nigerian Army in the outgoing year and to make plans for the incoming year at the 2020 annual conference, which we were informed is the objective of the annual conference, we witnessed and can attest to many new and positive developments ongoing around army formations and the personnel of the force.

The 2020 COAS annual Conference theme which is “HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT IN SUSTAINING PROFESSIONALISM AND RESPONSIVENESS OF THE NIGERIAN ARMY IN THE DISCHARGE OF HER CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE” had in attendance three former Chief of Army Staffs, the Honourable Minister of Defense, Major General S. Magaji (Rtd) as the invited guest of honour, while the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Mahammadu Buhari, who visually attended the conference was the Special guest of honour.

The President agreed and acknowledged that the conference is needful, as it would allow senior ranking officers of the Nigerian Army to appraise their efforts in the outgoing year, as well as make projections and plans for next year. President Mohammadu Buhari in re-accessing the Army in this year’s (2020) COAS annual conference congratulated the COAS and the officers and men of the Nigerian army. He wished them a happy and fruitful assessment; he charged them to plan well toward the coming year 2021 for effective functioning. The President went ahead to appreciate the army for the role they played in forestalling peace across the country during the EndSars protest. He recognized the right of citizens to protest in a democratic government, but frowned against hoodlums hijacking the peaceful protest and disrupting the peace of the nation.  

The President who was shown the Army Cyber warfare combat studio, a new innovation of Lt. Gen. Buratai by the COAS himself, declared the conference open after his opening remarks. The annual conference also witnessed the commissioning of the Cyber warfare school, foundation laying ceremony for a housing project for wives and love ones of officers and soldiers killed in action, as well as a luxury post-service estate for officers and men of the force at the Life Camp, a suburb in Abuja.